ATCM 2004   Electronic Proceedings of the 9th
        Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

Contributed Papers

A Bold Mathematics Course to Support a New Civil Infrastructure Program RMIT's Experience
Gary Fitz-Gerald     George Fernandez    
A Rethink on the Teaching of Graphs and Functions in the Cartesian Plane
Jim  Claffey    
A worthwhile investment The Interactive Whiteboard and the teaching of mathematics
Derek Glover     Dave Miller     Doug Averis    
Analysis about Achievements of e-learning on University Calculus
Tzu-chin R.  Chou    
Applicable Mathematics Examination Questions: The Impact of Graphics Calculators
Patricia Forster     Ute Mueller    
Assessment of e-Mathematics with Maple
Bill Blyth     Aleksandra  Labovic    
Can graphics calculators change pedagogical practices in the secondary mathematics classroom
Allan White    
Can online weekly quizzes contribute to learning in mathematics
Cristina Varsavsky    
Choice and Implementation of software for the online teaching of Geostatistics
Lyn Bloom     Ute Mueller   
Case Studies in Integrating the Interactive Whiteboard into the Secondary School Mathematics Classroom
Roger Duke     Janelle Pollard    
Computer Algebra Systems and Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum
Miroslaw Majewski
Conceptualising Motion through Dynamic Graphing
Patricia Forster    
Developing Prospective Elementary School Teachers Expertise with Dynamic Geometry
Jack Carter    Beverly Ferrucci      
Digital Repositories to Support Teachers Extend Their Teaching of Mathematics Problem Solving Heuristics
Kai Fai Ho     Muthukumar Lakshmanan    John Hedberg  
Dynamic Visualization of Complex Integrals with Cabri II Plus
Sae MIKI    
Enabling Teachers to Perceive the Affordances of a Technologically Rich Learning Environment for Linear Functions in order to Design Units of Work In
Jill Brown    
Encouraging earning by Discovery Through Lab Activities Via Computer Algebra
Jonaki  Ghosh    
Exploring the Use of Dynamic Geometry Manipulative Tasks for Assessment
Arthur Man Sang Lee     Kwok-chun Tang     Ka-Lok Wong    
Integrating CAS Calculators in Teaching: An Inexperienced Teacher's Approach
Ye Yoon Hong     Michael O. J.  Thomas
Issues with Notation at the Interface Between Technologies
Chris Barling     Peter Jones
Multimedia Approach in Education: Mathematics for Preschool
Siti Fadzilah Mat Noor    
Measuring the Degree of Technology Use in Tertiary Mathematics Courses
Greg Oates    
SNAP Package for Mathematica and Its Applications
Kosaku Nagasaka    
Signal Processing using a Computer Algbra system
Alex Lobregt    
Students Attitudes and Reflections on the Integration of Graphing Technology in the Learning of Statistics
Liew Kee Kor    
Studying Self-Affine Tiles with the Airds of Winfeed
King Shun Leung    
The Use of Graphing Calculator in Teaching and Learning Transformations, Polar Curves and Matrices
Dan-Yun Yu     Yui-P'ng Lam     Wai Heng Mok    
Teaching Signal Analysis Using Scientific Notebook
Walter Bloom    
The Learning of Linear Algebra Concepts: Instrumentation of CAS Calculators
  Sepideh Stewart           Michael O. J.  Thomas
The Use of R Language in Mathematics Teaching and Computation
Wai Kwong Cheang    
The Design and Use of eActivities for Learning Mathematics
Barry Kissane    
The psychology of a "near-miss" in the 4-Digit lottery: A spreadsheet simulation
Eng Guan Tay    
Use of Geometer Sketchpad (GSP) to teach Mechanics Concepts in A Level Mathematics
Tin-Lam Toh
Use of Free Internet Resources to Design Mathematics Problem Solving Activities
Chi-Keung Leung     Kin-Keung Poon    
Using Computer Animation in Science Instruction for the Study of Misconception Correction
Gu Hui-Hua     Ming-Gong Lee    
Using MuPAD and JavaView to Visualize Mathematics on the Internet
Miroslaw Majewski     K. Polthier
Using LiveMath as an Interactive Computer Tool for Exploring Algebra and Calculus
Boon Wooi Joseph Yeo    
Using Spreadsheet Calculations to Demonstrate the Importance of Correct Problem Specification
Jozef Hvorecky     Gabriela Lovaszova    
Using Hand-held technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Mathematics
Tiow Choo Kwee    
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