ATCM 2004   Electronic Proceedings of the 9th
        Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics


An Interesting Interface with ClassPad Manager
A. Harradine
An Introduction to the ClassPad 300 and ClassPad Manager Software
D. Whitfield      H. Fukaya 
An Introduction to the Graphics Calculator as a Teaching and Learning Tool
P. Jones 
Authoring Dynamic and Interactive Mathematics Modules With MathWright
R. Kumar
Bringing Real World Statistical Practice into the Classroom with a Graphics
P. Jones
Cabri Junior: Real Dynamic Geometry System on Handhelds
J. Laborde
Calculator in the Primary School
Y.P. Soon
Creating & Using a Virtual Geoboard for Math Activities
E. Ng
Engaging Students in Learning Algebra and Function with ClassPad 300
M. C. Fong
Exploring Introductory Calculus with a Graphics Calculator
Barry Kissane
Graphic Calculator as a Teaching, Problem-Solving & Project Tool
Y.P. Soon
(Inter)Active Geometry for All
J. Laborde
Interconnectivity - Data Exchange Between Derive 6 and TI CAS Calculators (Workshop for Beginners)
Bernhard Kutzler      Vlasta Kokol-Voljc
Introduction to Teaching with Derive 6 (Workshop for Beginners)
Bernhard Kutzler      Vlasta Kokol-Voljc
Introduction to TI-Navigator a Wireless Calculator Network
S. Soon
Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics - MuPAD Tutorial for Mathematics Teachers
M. Majewski
Representations of the Solution Curves of Differential Equations or Systems with Cabri 2 Plus
Jean-Jacques Dahan
Teaching Mathematics with the ClassPad Manager
  Diane Whitfield      Hideshi Fukaya
TI-84 Tutorial: Building Geometric Foundations for the Primary Grades Using Calculator-Based Cabri
B. Ferrucci     J. Carter
Tutorial: 3D Synthetic Constructions
Jen-chung Chuan
Using CASIO ClassPad 300 Spreadsheet Application in Mathematics Classes
J. Hvorecky
Using eActivities for Learning Mathematics
Barry Kissane
Voyage 200 Workshop
W. L. Ng    T.C. Kwee
2D and 3D Coordinate Geometry: Bottom-up Learning using "Autograph"
Douglas Butler
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