ATCM 2004   Electronic Proceedings of the 9th
        Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

Preface of Electronic Proceedings

   The theme of the conference ATCM 2004 focuses on technology in mathematics that engages learners, empowers teachers, and enables research. We are also committed to the continuous efforts with international scholars to chart the paths for mathematics curriculum development with a global perspective and technology for dynamic mathematics content delivery. Following with the first special sessions in ATCM 2003, we will explore further issues and concerns on the two topics. The technical development is based on the AOLA (Author-Once-Learn-Anywhere) framework currently under development by ATCM, Inc. This endeavour will be an ongoing collaborative effort of many in the mathematics community. We will continue to seek your help and guidance.

   The Electronic Proceedings of ATCM 2004 (EPATCM04) is a record of all the presentations at the conference. We again like to thank the tireless efforts of IPC members and external reviewers, and all the authors for their submissions and presentations.

   We sincerely thank CASIO Computer Co. Ltd. for their unrelenting support, again making possible the Electronic Proceedings of ATCM 2004 for scholarly references.

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October 2005

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