ATCM 2004   Electronic Proceedings of the 9th
        Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics


A Comparison of the Dynamic Modeling of Flexible Robot Arm
A Visual-Based Duplication of Self-similarity
An Alternate Platform in the Teaching and Learning of Geometry to JC Students
Ng     C. Wong    Y.P. Lee
Building Mathematical Objects: Cognition and Technology
T. Price  
Computational Method based on Non-Nodal Graph Expansion for Directed Percolation Model
F.M. Bhatti   
Collaboration Learning by e-Learning
K. Yamada
Derive 6 A Computer Program for Teaching and Learning Mathematics
B. Kutzler
Developing Geometry Software for Exploration---Geometry Player
C. Lee    Y. Yuan    J. Huang  
Diagnostic Testing in Mathematics
T. B. Ng
Dynamic and Interactive Mathematical Explorations With MathWright
R. Kumar
Effects of A Computer Algebra System on Junior College Students Achievement in Mathematics
Exploring Animated Functions with Excel
Exploring the effects of using ProDeskTop in facilitating the Teaching of Plan and Elevation Geometry
K.K.J. Yeo    S.K.E. Goh    Z.F.E. Koh  
E_Portfolio as an Alternate Assessment in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Wi     K.J. Cheu    Y.P. Lee
Graphics Calculators: A Learning Tool
G. Kumar
How Are Examination Boards Implementing CAS into Their Centralised Examination Systems
R. Brown
Introducing CL/PBL on Calculus Courses at Computer Science Faculty UI
K. Machmudin  
Learning Mathematics through Computer-based Visualization
O. Kagesten
Mathematics for Information Technology
J. Wang
Modification to be Done to the Singapore O-Level Mathematics Syllabuses to Adopt the Use of Graphics Calculator
C.Y. Suen  
Multiple Learning Experience in the Classroom: A Potential of ClassPad 300 e-Activity
M.C. Fong
On Instructor's Role in a Technologised Learning Environment
H. Zand
On the Matrix Convolution Product and its Applications
A. Kilicman
Open Source/Free Software in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
N.K.D. Ang
Order of Construction in Dynamic Geometry Environment
V. Talmon
Preparation of Electronic Portfolios by Students in Mathematics Education Using eFolio Minnesota
P. Tolmie
Presenting Mathematics Lectures from the Tablet PC
W. Olivier
Pre-Service Secondary Teachers Integration of Information Technology Applications into the Mathematics Classroom
W.L. Ng
Prospective Mathematics Teachers Use of ICT During Teaching Practice
C.M. Wettasinghe     B. Kaur
Secondary Students Learning Mathematics with the Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP)
K. Khairiree  
Semi-Markov Modeling for Network Switch Algorithms
S. Subramaniam  
Teachers' Algebra Reasoning while Learning with Web Book
B. Shternberg
Teaching an Online Elementary Statistics Course
R. Peck 
The Fixed-Point Method and Central Configurations
F. Pascual  
The Missing Link: a Technology Curriculum in Mathematics
I. Cnop  
The MOTIVATE Project: Viewpoints of Singapore School Teachers and Students on Their Videoconferencing Experience
B. Chua     S.K. Teong
The Teaching of Conformal Mapping with MATHCAD
W.C. Quek  
The Tool "Locus of Loci" in Cabri 2 Plus: From a Classical to a Heuristic Understanding of the Figure for Solving Problems and Teaching Math
J. Dahan  
The Use of Dynamics Geometry Software in Primary Mathematics
K. Poon     C. Leung
Tutor On Line - the Last Mile for Mathematics Learning
F. Tsen  
Understanding of Functions
T.G. Goh  
Using Graphing Calculator in a Biostatistics Course
K. Manaktala    R. Kumar
Using Calculators in Primary Mathematics Why Not
V. Kokol-Voljc
Using Computer Mediated Discussion Forum in Learning Mathematics
V. Tan    R. Kumar
Using Simulations to Teach Statistical Concepts
R. Peck
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