ATCM 2004   Electronic Proceedings of the 9th
        Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
Conference Theme

December 13-17, 2004

"Technology in Mathematics: Engaging Learners, Empowering Teachers and Enabling Research"

There is little doubt that technology has made an impact on the teaching and Mathematics. In this conference, we shall go beyond justifying the use of technology in Mathematics to discuss and examine the best practices of applying technology in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and in Mathematics research. In particular, the conference will focus on how technology can be exploited to enrich and enhance Mathematics learning, teaching and research at all levels.

Researchers, mathematicians, educators and teachers are invited to share their knowledge in the area of using technology to engage learners and empower teachers of Mathematics, or enable research in any field of Mathematics or Mathematics Education.

The conference will cover a broad range of topics on the application and use of technology in Mathematics research and teaching. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mathematics for Information Technology
  • Geometry Using Technology
  • Internet and Web Technology for Mathematics
  • Graphics Calculators
  • Computer Algebra Systems
  • Mathematical Research using Technology
  • Mathematical and Statistical Software and Tools on the Web
  • Learning and Assessment using Technology


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