ATCM 2004   Electronic Proceedings of the 9th
        Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

Plenary Speech

Assessing Mathematical Knowledge in CAS-Permitted Examinations: A Discussion of Issues
Peter Flynn
Automated Geometric Theorem Proving, Diagram Generation and Applications
Xia-shan Gao
A K-12 Mathematics Curriculum with CAS: What is It and What Would It Take to Have It in School
Zalman Usiskin
Integration of Information Technology in Singapore School Mathematics Curriculum
Thiam-Seng Koh       Ivy Yuen-Choo Koh       Wai-Tuck Wu
Off School Mathematics Education Through Web
Katsuhiko Shimizu
Thought and Variational Language in the Introduction to Analysis
Ricardo Cantoral     Rosa-Maria Farfan
What Should Computer Science Students Learn from Mathematics
Yong Chiang Tay
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