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  Celebrating Mathematics and Technology  

ATCM 2015, Leshan, China

Regular papers

  1. Philp TODD [PDF]
    Using Force to Crack Some Geometry Chestnuts
  2. Yoichi MAEDA [PDF]
    Visualization of Quaternions with Clifford Parallelism
  3. Maree SKILLEN [PDF]
    Mobile Learning: Impacts on Mathematics Education
  4. Alasdair MCANDREW [PDF]
    Extending Euclidean Constructions with Dynamic Geometry Software
  5. Yongbin LI and Andrew Y. Z. WANG [PDF]
    Computing the Bell Number by Using Gröbner Bases
  6. Stefan OEYEN [PDF]
    Teaching Probability and Statistics with a MOOC by Using a Flipped Classroom Model
  7. Xuan YAO and Xinyue ZHANG [PDF]
    Simulating the Spirograph Works by the Geometer's Sketchpad
  8. Lai WEI, Hong LI and Yu-Ji YANG [PDF]
    View the World by Equations
  9. Guo JIAJIA [PDF]
    The Construction of Mathematics Inquiry Teaching Model in High School under the Technological Environment
  10. Jiang PING and Zhang XIN [PDF]
    The Advantages of TI Calculator’s Operating Techniques in Math Teaching
  11. Jiang PING and Qiu Fa WEN [PDF]
    The Construction of Uniform Polyhedra with the Aid of GeoGebra
  12. Wang WEI [PDF]
    The Hand-Held Technology in Flipped Classrooms
  13. Hong LI [PDF]
    Application of Information Technology in the Formation of the Concept of Functions
  14. Leng YUBING and Wang ZIXUAN [PDF]
    Information Technology and Geometric Transformation – Research on the Property of the Set Composed by Geometric Transformation via Information Technology
  15. Jean-Jacques DAHAN [PDF]
    The Role of Generalisation in the Discovery, Proof and visualization of a Theorem about Cubics with the Help of a CAS and DGS (TI-Nspire and Cabri)
  16. Yosuke SATO and Ryoya FUKASAKU [PDF]
    Detecting Unnecessary Assumptions of Elementary Geometry Problems by CAS
  17. Akira NAGAI and Yosuke SATO [PDF]
    An Efficient Implementation of Boolean Gröbner Bases of a Power Set Algebra
  18. Takuya KITAMOTO [PDF]
    Multivariate Pade Approximation Using Quantifier Elimination
  19. Ryoji FUKUDA, Yuki OGINO, Kenji KAWATA, and Takeshi SAITOH [PDF]
    Area Type Judgement of Mathematical Document Using Movements of Gaze Point
  20. Ryoji FUKUDA and Yuki TOYOSAKA [PDF]
    Text-Based Communication Tool for Mathematics Documents for Visually Handicapped
  21. Alasdair MCANDREW and Xiangzhao LI [PDF]
    Comparison of Chinese and Australian Attitudes to CAS in Education
  22. HIdeyo MAKISHITA [PDF]
    Figure Drawing using KETCindy and Its Application to Mathematics Education – Practical Example Application of Mathematics to Mathematics
  23. Janchai YINGPRAYOON [PDF]
    Teaching Mathematics using Augmented Reality