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  Celebrating Mathematics and Technology  

ATCM 2015, Leshan, China

Invited Papers

  1. Philip TODD [PDF]
    Solve First – Ask Questions Later: Discovering Geometry Using Symbolic Geometry and CAS
  2. Wei-Chi YANG [PDF]
    See Graphs. Find Equations. Myth or Reality?
  3. A. MORANTE and José A. VALLEJO [PDF]
    Computer-Aided Strategie to Shorten the Gap Between High School and University Math Courses
  4. Zhang JINGZHONG [PDF]
    Stories of Learning Trigonometry from 7th Graders
  5. Weng Kin HO and Keng Cheng ANG [PDF]
    Developing Computational Thinking Through Coding
    New Explorations of Old Mathematics via Spreadsheets
  7. Lin QUN [PDF]
    Data-Based Introduction to Calculus
  8. Jonaki B. GHOSH [PDF]
    Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: A Perspective from India
  9. Yuan YUAN [PDF]
    Teaching elementary Mathematics with Virtual Manipulatives: An Introduction of Magic Board
  10. Barry KISSANE, Ng Wee LENG, and G. T. SPRINGER [PDF]
    Graphics Calculators and the School Mathematics Curriculum: Perspectives and Issues from Three Countries
  11. Krongthong KHAIRIREE [PDF]
    Creative Thinking in Mathematics with Tangrams and the Geometer’s Sketchpad
  12. Alasdair MCANDREW [PDF]
    Open Source Computer Systems in Mathematics Education
  13. Lu Yang and Ju Zhang [PDF]
    Finding best possible constant for a polynomial inequality