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ATCM 2022, December 9-12, Prague, hosted by Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU)


1.     Abstracts for Invited Papers

2.     Abstracts for Full Papers

3.     Abstracts for Presentations with Abstract Only

4.     Abstracts for Hands-on workshops

Link to the ATCM 2022 program with Zoom ID and Passcode (For registered participants)

    Invited Full Papers

  1. [21946] Spreadsheets: A Technological Nexus between Big Ideas in Mathematics and Computational Thinking in Mathematics Classrooms
    Weng Kin Ho, Jonaki Ghosh, Berinderjeet Kaur, et al. [PDF]

  2. [21948] Ordering Question with Clue in Moodle
    Kosaku Nagasaka, Takahiro Nakahara [PDF]

  3. [21949] Ellipsoid is Tangent to its Locus under a Linear Transformation, Isometries and Sheared Maps
    Wei-Chi Yang [PDF]

  4. [21950] Shift and Vigenčre Ciphers with Maplets
    Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon[PDF]

  5. [21951] Computational thinking in mathematical modelling: an investigative study
    Keng Cheng Ang, Liang Soon Tan [PDF]

  6. [21952] Real Quantifier Elimination in the Classroom
    Tomás Recio, Zoltan Kovacs[PDF]

  7. [21955] Riemann Sphere and Complex Plane Transformations with Sphere Movements (Software Aspect)

  8. [21958] The possibilities of GeoGebra in Research in Brazil
    Celina A. A. P. ABAR [PDF]

  9. [21963] Deployment of Mathematical Resources to a Philippine High School through a Community LTE Network
    Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Penas, Maria Alva Q. Aberin, Agnes D. Garciano, et al. [PDF]

  10. [21964] Sphere and Spherical Geometry: The Power of Visualization and Investigation Through Dynamic Geometry
    Jean-Jacques Dahan [PDF]

  11. [21966] Exploration of parameterized families of surfaces: envelopes, offsets and canal surfaces
    Noah (Thierry) Dana-Picard [PDF]

  12. [21969] Augmented intelligence with GeoGebra and Maple involvement
    M. Pilar Vélez, Tomás Recio[PDF]

  13. [21973] Exploring some elementary results of Ramanujan with modern tools
    Alasdair McAndrew [PDF]

  14. [21977] Mathematics and Technology: Does it work?
    Vanda Santos [PDF]

  15. [21982] Using virtual reality to teach linear algebra with a focus on affine geometry
    José L. Rodríguez [PDF]

  16. [21987] Understanding Geometric Pattern and its Geometry, (part 9) - On Walking Pentagons and Isfahani Inflation
    Miroslaw Majewski [PDF]

  17. [21991] A Topological View of Curves and Surfaces Inspired by 2D and 3D Locus Problems
    Wei-Chi Yang, Guillermo Dávila[PDF]

  18. [21995] Is it so time consuming to start using a new piece of mathematical software?
    Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Carolina Fernández-Salinero[PDF]