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A Rewarding Journey of Connecting Mathematics and Technology to Applications



ATCM 2021, Virtual Format, Radford University, Virginia, USA
and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Contributed Papers

    1. Abstracts for Invited Papers
    2. Abstracts for Full Papers
    3. Abstracts for Presentations with Abstract Only

    Link to the ATCM 2021 program with Zoom ID and Passcode (For registered participants)

  1. [21873] A Tragedy at the National Gallery of Art: Problem-based learning approach to online teaching of mathematics
    Irina Lyublinskaya [PDF]

  2. [21882] Curved Patterns in the Graphs of PPTs
    James Parks [PDF]

  3. [21888] Using `Turtle Geometry' in the XXIst Century for teaching mathematics? Classic ideas and new software and hardware
    Eugenio Roanes-Lozano [PDF]

  4. [21892] On the analysis of singularity structure in learning
    Tomohiro Washino, Tadashi Takahashi [PDF]

  5. [21893] On a Chasles Construction of Cartesian Ovals
    Jiri Blazek [PDF]

  6. [21896] The Efficacy of an Integrative Performance Output in Senior High Subjects among STEM Learners
    Ryan Jay Verbo [PDF]

  7. [21906] Integer Partitions using Generating Functions and their Application in Graph Theory
    Faqir Bhatti, Ms. Iqra Zaman, Ms. Tabasum NAZ [PDF]

  8. [21907] Learning congruence through ornaments and tilings
    Sarka Voracova [PDF]

  9. [21909] Socscistatistics Integration on Test and Evaluation in Statistics (SITES): Mastering Statistics Using Free Online Resource

  10. [21910] Problem Based Learning approach to train pre- service teachers in mathematics education: an experience
    Piedad Tolmos, Ana I. Cid-Cid, Rocío Guede-Cid and Herman Martín [PDF]

  11. [21911] Research on Development of Teaching Material Put Emphasize on Retroductive Inference to Develop Statistical Thinking in Mathematics Education
    Shinichi KATO [PDF]

  12. [21913] Construction and exploration of particular curves and evolutes of theirs using GeoGebra dynamic software
    Petra Surynkova [PDF]

  13. [21914] Geometry of planetary motion
    Roman Hasek [PDF]

  14. [21918] Delineation of thje zone of influence of pumping wells using CAS and DGS
    David G. Zeitoun, Thierry Dana-Picard [PDF]

  15. [21928] Computation of voting power indices using polynomial rings and ideals
    Alasdair McAndrew [PDF]