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A Rewarding Journey of Connecting Mathematics and Technology to Applications



ATCM 2021, Virtual Format, Radford University, Virginia, USA
and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Invited Papers

    1. Abstracts for Invited Papers
    2. Abstracts for Full Papers
    3. Abstracts for Presentations with Abstract Only

  1. [21864] Counting Angle Bisector Theorems
    Philip Todd [PDF]

  2. [21869] Wavelet Neural Network Prediction of Stock Performance
    Jackson Criswell, En-Bing Lin [PDF]

  3. [21875] Understanding Geometric Pattern and its Geometry Part 6: Using Geometer's Sketchpad for designing sizeable geometric projects
    Miroslaw Majewski [PDF]

  4. [21877] Locus of Antipodal Projection When Fixed Point is Outside a Curve or Surface
    Wei-Chi Yang, Antonio Morante [PDF]

  5. [21878] Mathematical Patterns formed by the Spheres, the Cylinders and the Disks
    Jen-chung Chuan [PDF]

  6. [21885] Technologies and laboratorial activities for a robust understanding approach: from closed to open laboratories
    Daniela Ferrarello, Maria Flavia Mammana, Mario Pennisi, Eugenia Taranto [PDF]

  7. [21886] Flowgorithm: A possible passage from algorithmic reasoning to creatively founded mathematical reasoning
    Weng Kin Ho, Chee Kit Looi, Wendy Huang, Peter Seow, Shiau Wei Chan, Longkai Wu [PDF]

  8. [21887] Some affordances and opportunities of advanced scientific calculators for learning introductory calculus
    Barry Kissane [PDF]

  9. [21889] Computational Discovery with Newton Fractals, Bohemian Matrices, & Mandelbrot Polynomials
    Neil Calkin, Eunice Chan, Rob Corless [PDF]

  10. [21890] On the locus related to chords of conic sections
    Pavel Pech [PDF]

  11. [21891] The Mathematics of QR Codes
    Adam Downs, Neil Sigmon, Rick Klima [PDF]

  12. [21894] Approaching CesÓro's inequality through GeoGebra Discovery
    Zoltan Kovacs, Tomas Recio, M. Pilar Velez [PDF]

  13. [21895] Blending Knowledge and Technology to Construct Steiner Chains
    Jean-Jacques Dahan [PDF]

  14. [21903] Mathematics Learning Strategy Scales for Junior High School Students: Scale development, validation and intelligent application
    Guangming Wang, Mingyu Su, Xia Chen [PDF]

  15. [21912] Designing Performance Tasks in Mathematics Using Technological Tools
    Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Penas, Debbie Marie B. Verzosa, Maria Alva Q. Aberin, Agnes D. Garciano, Jumela F. Sarmiento, Mark Anthony C. Tolentino [PDF]

  16. [21917] The loci of virtual points constructed with elementary models of planetary orbits
    Noah (Thierry) Dana-Picard [PDF]

  17. [21920] The Potential of Outdoor Mathematics in a Digital Context
    Matthias Ludwig, Simone Jablonski [PDF]

  18. [21927] A Generalization of the Zero-Probability Theorem
    Miodrag Lovric [PDF]