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ATCM 2012 in Thailand


Regular Papers

  1. Yoichi Maeda,  Dynamic construction of the common perpendiculars in the three-sphere
  2. Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad - Syazwan Noordin, The Development of Multimedia Courseware of Lines and Planes in 3Dimensions: an Application of van Hiele’s Levels
  3. Shelomovskiy Vladimir,  Development of Creativity Using 3D Dynamic Geometry System InMA
  4. Thomas McMillan - James Fulmer, The Gambler's Ruin – Analysis by Spreadsheet
  5. Pee Choon Toh, Self Learning Laboratory Sessions for Engineering Mathematics
  6. Jean-Jacques Dahan, Revisiting the teaching of perimeter area and volume at a middle school level with Cabri environments
  7. Tuncay Kör - Ali Hikmet Deger - Murat Murat Beþenk - et al., On Some Advantages of Using Mathematics Software
  8. Kate Mackrell,  Introducing algebra with interactive geometry software
  9. Ling Yiguo, Mobile Calculating Lab (MCL) based Mathematics Application
  10. Yapin Tian, MCL is "catalyst" of promoting the comprehensive development of students under the new curriculum
  11. Chee-Keong Chong - You-How Go - Ying-Yin Koay - et al., A Preliminary Study on the Use of Online Resources in Quantitative Techniques for First Year Business Students in a Malaysian Private University
  12. Andreas Filler, Creating computer graphics and animations based on parametric equations of lines and curves - proposals for mathematics education at upper secondary level
  13. Chengyang Liu - Jianyi Yang - Zhenping Rao, To Make APLET according to Actual Condition
  14. Ana Compiledvska Todorova,  Developing Concepts in Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry by the Integration of DGS and CAS
  15. Hitoshi Nishizawa - Yoshihiro Yamada - Takayoshi Yoshioka,  The Effectiveness of ICT-assisted Approach in Learning 3D Linear Algebra
  16. Kian Boon Lim - Grace Joy Yong - Tau Han Cheong - et al., The Effectiveness of Using Scientific Calculator in Solving Non-Linear Equations by Newton-Raphson Method
  17. Chang Wenwu - Xinsheng Lu, An Anchored Instruction Case Study: Developing Fifteens Puzzle as a Graphical Calculator Class Task
  18. Tau Han Cheong - Kian Boon Lim - Tay Kim Gaik,  Solving Non-Linear Equation by Newton Raphson Method using Built in Derivative Function in Casio fx-570ES Calculator
  19. Masataka Kaneko - Setsuo Takato,  Influence of using KETpic graphics on the development of collegiate students' proof schemes
  20. Burcu Akaydin - Mujde Uysal, We welcome M.C. Escher in Turkey’s new Geometry Programme
  21. Li Hong, The Role of the Graphing Calculator in the Qualitative Analysis of Function
  22. Lu Mingming,  On Construction of Teaching Mode of Mathematics Experiment Based on MCL
  23. Tatsumune Abe - Ryoji Fukuda, Interactive Estimator for Stochastic Differential Equation
  24. Ryoji Fukuda - Akihiro Miura,  Ubiquitous Mathematical Graphic Viewer for Visually Impaired Students
  25. Horacio E. Bosch - Noemi Geromini - Mercedes Bergero - et al., Transversal Mathematical Teaching Focus Across other Sciences
  26. Zhao Tao - Yuanxun Sun - Xiaoling Yang, A Mathematics Research of a Project Case under the Conditions of MCL
  27. Hirono Naotoshi - Takahashi Tadashi, On the Effective Use of GeoGebraCAS  in Mathematics Education
  28. Ivonne Sandoval - Edda Jimenez, Integration of Interactive Resources into the Teaching of Mathematics in Primary Education in Mexico
  29. Deane Arganbright, Innovative Uses of Excel in Linear Algebra
  30. Scott Steketee - Steven Rasmussen,  Develop Students' Visualization and Understanding of Functions Through Geometry and Pictures with Sketchpad 5
  31. In-Ok Jang - Hee-chan Lew,  The strategic Thinking of Mathematically Gifted Elementary Students in LOGO Project Learning
  32. Leonard Raj, Focusing Learning on Concepts of Introductory Linear Algebra using MAPLE Interactive Tutors
  33. Diana M. Audi, Mohamed K. Watfa, A Technology Friendly Mathematics Teaching Methodology
  34. Mustafa Dogan, Trainee Teachers’ Attitudes
  (c) Mirek Majewski