ATCM 2003   Electronic Proceedings of the 8th
          Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

Contributed Papers

A Comparison between Two Pricing and Lot-Sizing Models with Partial Backlogging and Deteriorated Items
J.-T.Teng    L.-Y. Ouyang      L.-H. Chen
A Conceptual Stucture for Mathematical Presentation Systems
A Knowledge-Sensitive On-line Exercise for Developing Algebraic Calculation
Hitoshi Nishizawa      Takayoshi YOSHIOKA      Karl Fuchs      Alfred Dominik
A Method for KDD Based on Neural Network Ensembles
Xi Lin
A Program Converter for Algorithm Stabilization Technique
Yuji Kondoh      Matu-Tarow Noda
A Study of Dynamic Mathematical Exploring in GSP
Y.-L. Yen
An Avascular Tumour Model With Spatio-Random Supply of Nutrients
Keng Cheng Ang      Liang Soon Tan
Analysis of a Buried Deep Point/Line Heat Source in a Cross-Anisotropic Porous Elastic Medium
J. C.-C. Lu     W.-C. Chiu      F.-T. Lin
Applying Digital School to Design the Geometry Curriculum and Experiments in Teaching
H. Chan      T.-Y. Huang      P.-H. Tsai
Approaches to the derivative and integral with technology and their advantages and disadvantages
Ute Mueller      Patricia Forster
Design and educational Applications of a generic Step-by-Step Solver for mathematical Problems based on Mathematica
Bernhard Zgraggen
Early Development of Mathematical Concepts Using Dynamic Geometry
Vlasta Kokol-Voljc
Edge-bandwidth of Tensor Product of Paths and Cycles
Y.-L. Lai      F.-H. Chiang
Examples of Mathematical Exploring through Technology
C.-F. Li
FLASHing mathematics into the young minds: Possibilities and limits of a web-based courseware
Ka-Lok Wong      Arthur Man Sang Lee      Kwok-chun Tang
Graphing of Threshold Functions of up to Five Variables
Kasiyah Machmudin      A.K. Dewdney
ICT support in the development of mathematical thinking
Allan White
Integrating Technology with Mathematical Modeling
Zhonghong Jiang
Lupin: Towards the Framework of Web-based Problem Solving Environments.
Kai Li      Masato Sakai      Yukihiro Morizane      Masahiro Kono      Matu-Tarow Noda
Mathematics Activities with CASIO CFX9850 at the Secondary Level with Discussion of International Trends and Didactical Concerns on Calculator Us
Kyung Yoon Chang
Paradoxes on Chinese Dice and Magic Square
I.-B. Lian      V. Wu
Preparing future mathematics teachers to teach with technology
Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin
Revelations in the Design of Educational Mathematical Software
Janelle Pollard      Duke Roger
Some Development in Interactive Calculus On-Line Learning System for Industrial Vocational High School
Yoau-Chau Jeng      Ching-An Chen    Hung-Tsung Ko    Ming-Gong Lee
Some Examples of Dynamic Proofs without Words in Powerpoint
K.-C. Huang      Y.-F.  Peng    W.-L. Hsu
The Calculator and the Curriculum: The Case of Sequences and Series
Barry Kissane
The Development of Computerized Mathematical Learning Dispositions Scale for Elementary School Children
C.-T. Chen
The Optimal Design of Stable Inverse Transfer Function
Der-Feng Huang
Visualising functions of two variables with Cabri II Plus
Jean-Jacques Dahan
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