ATCM 2003   Electronic Proceedings of the 8th
          Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics


A Genetic Algorithm Based Data Clustering Approach
H. K. Deva Sarma

Applying Integrated Internet Technologies for Learning Strategy in Math-Learning
P.-T. Yu

Data Gathering with the Casio EA-200 and the ClassPad 300
R. Mcleod
Descartes Returned with (the help of) Cabri
J.-M. Laborde
Developments of ICT-based Educational Resources for Secondary School Mathematics in Korea
K. Y. Chang     S. J. Na      J. N. Kim
Dynamic Attributes of Functions in Content Courses for Future Teachers
Jack Carter
Fraction-free Linear Algebra
D. Jeffrey
Maple and Oval
H. Ebisui
Mathematical Thinking and Theorem Prover by using Computer Algebra Systems
T. Takahashi
Measurement of Effectiveness of e-learning Mathematics Module
W. C. Quek
MuPAD Graphics - Stretching Limits of Scientific Visualization
M. Majewski
Online Technology Transfers to the Traditional Classroom
F. Chao     J. Davis
Principles for a New Mathematics Curriculum Buildup
I. Cnop
Statistical Teaching with Global Perspective: Aftermath of World Trade Center Attack
Premjit  Singh
Technology in Examination
M. L. A. De Las Penas
The Development in the Interactive On-Line Learning System for Industrial Vocational High School taking the Limitation in Calculus for Example
C.-A. Chen      H.-T. Ko      M.-G. Lee
The Knowing Conceptions of Probability for Concrete Datasets
K.-L. Su
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