ATCM 2003   Electronic Proceedings of the 8th
          Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics


The theme of the conference is “Technology Connecting Mathematics.” We are delighted to have two special sessions devoted to this theme to start a dialog among teachers, researchers, and developers.

The first session, participated by scholars from six different countries, brings to focus the current best practices of using technology in mathematics teaching and research. The second session highlights current and emerging technologies that are enabling an electronic environment where “technology connects mathematics.” In this Web-based net-enabled environment, mathematics contents with dynamicity and interactivity can be delivered to the students. It is our intent to continue this exploration such that an online community can be built to allow teachers, students and researchers to experience mathematics with technology. This endeavour will be an ongoing collaborative effort of many in the mathematics community. We need your help and guidance.

For the Electronic Proceedings, it is the efforts of the Editors to put all refereed full papers and abstracts presented during the conference for Web access.

We sincerely thank the National Science Council of Taiwan for supporting the conference, allowing us to bring in scholars from different countries to give plenary speeches. CASIO Computer Co. Ltd., their 5th year of unrelenting support, again makes the hardcopy version and the electronic version of Proceedings possible.

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