ATCM 1999   Electronic Proceedings of the 4th
         Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

A Comparative Study of the Use of New Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Australia, UK and USA , W. D. Crowe, M. Whateley, & H. Zand, UK

A Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for SET PACKING, C. Zhang, W. Jia, &  J. Chen, China & U.S.A.

Chesterton and Mathematics, H. Flores, & R. Ramerez,  Mexico

Computer-Aided Mathematics Learning Environments, A. C. Nyondo & J. Gesa, Guinea

Criterion for Annihilating Ideals of Linear Recurring Sequences over Galois Rings, P. Lu, China

Development of a Web-based Knowledge-State Inference System for Guiding Middle School Mathematics Learning, Y. Jun & S.-H. Kim, Korea

Development of the New Information Technology, H. Silfverberg, Finland

Equilibrium in CAPM with heterogeneous Beliefs, N. Sun & Z. Yang, Japan

Computing of the Focal Quantities for a Class of Cubic Systems Using Wu Elimination, Y.-S. Huang & R. Liu, China

Factorize Polynomials Based on Pattern Recognition , Z. Zeng & H. Fu, China

'G' Language for Digital Electronics , M. Tubis & P. Tang, Singapore

Incorporating the Internet and Microsoft Excel into the Introductory Statistics Classroom, A. Han, U.S.A

Internet Applications in the Mathematics Classroom: University Courses for Prospective Teachers, J. A. Carter & B. J. Ferrucci, U.S.A

Java Animations to Help Students to Understand Mathematical Concept, I. Kobayashi, Japan

Mathematics, Software Packages & World Wide Web Technolgoy, W.-C. Yang & S.-C. Chu, U.S.A.

Model with Hetrogeneous Beliefs , N. Sun, Japan

Offering Calculus to Middle School Students: The Use of Technologies Can Clear up One's Doubts , G.-X. Wang & Y. Zhu, China

On the Edge-face Total Chromatic Number of Pseudo-Halin Graphs with Delta(G)>=6 , L. Liu, China

Controlling Chaos with a Nonfeedback Method , D. Sengupta, S. Dana, P. K. Roy, & B. Mukhopadhyay, U.S.A. & India

Population Dynamics and Computer Aided Proof, Z. Lu, China

Readable Simplification Procedures for Trigonometric Expressions , H. Fu & Z. Zeng, China

Re-expressing Some Mathematic Knowledge , Y. Sheng, China

Software System for Mathematics Teaching: The Approach Based on Mathematical Models Typology, M. Kolodnytsky, A. Kovalchuk, S. Kuryata, & V. Levitsky, Ukraine

Some Conflict of Pressures Caused by the Tradition of Teaching Mathematics and the Strategic Implementation of New Technology, J. Baxter, Australia
Solving Polynomial Inequalities Based on Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition and Grbner Bases
, Q. F. Lu & M.-T. Noda, Japan

Solving Surface Fitting Problem by the Characteristic Set Method , D. Wang , China

Supporting Teachers with the Introduction of Technology into the Mathematics Classroom: A Case Study in Victoria, Australia , P. Jones & W. M. R. Chow Australia

Teaching Computer Algebra at the Versailles Saint-Quentin University: Experiences and Perspectives , K. B. Su, France

Teaching Discrete Mathematics with a Graph Drawing Program, X. Yu , U.S.A.

Teaching Statistics with the Help of HP38G Graphing Calculator, B. Lee, Taiwan

Technology-enhanced Discourse on a Uniform Movement as a Window on Limits, Cycles, & Chaos, S.Abramovich, & A. Norton, U.S.A.

The Computer Laboratory Practice for the Computing Tasks of the Group Theory, M. Kolodnytsky &  V. Levitsky, Ukraine

The Power of Instructional Design - Several Case Study , J.-x. Lin, China

The Role of the Teacher in a Computer Algebra System Environment: Is CAS a Benefit or a Burden I. Cnop, Belgium

The Stokes-Bitsadze Problem as a Double Div-Curl Problem , M. Tahir, Pakistan

The Use of Technology in the Research of the History of Mathematics, O. Takenouchi, Japan

The Web-Based Evaluation Instrument of the Quality of Mathematics Teacher Education, H. Silfverberg, Finland

Understanding Mathematics in a Technology-Based College Geometry Class, I. Jung, U.S.A.

Using Maple and PHASER on Lab Assignments in ODE Course, Ponidi & B. Alhadi, Indonesia

Using Matlab for 3-D Object Recognition by Phase-Only Holographic Information , T.-C. Poon, T. Kim, & S.-C. Chu, U.S.A.

Variational Inequality Problems with a Continuum of Solutions: Existence and Computation , Z. Yang, Japan

Visual Computing of Hexagonal System, C. Lin, China




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