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Cultivating Creative and Innovative Mathematical Thinking With Technology


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ATCM 2019, Leshan, China

Invited Papers

1.         [PDF]  Steiner Ellipse and Marden’s Theorem 
Jean-Jacques Dahan

2.         [PDF]  Limit and Continuity of a Function. Software Aspect 
Vladimir Nodelman

3.         [PDF]  Realizing Computational Thinking in the Mathematics 
Classroom: Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap
Weng Kin Ho, Chee Kit Looi, Wendy Huang,
Peter Seow, Longkai Wu

4.         [PDF]  Robot for Mathematics College Entrance Examination 
Hongguang Fu, Jingzhong Zhang, Xiuqin Zhong,
Mingkai Zha, Li Liu

5.         [PDF]  Some Opportunities for Computational Thinking 
in the Mathematics Classroom
Jonaki Ghosh

6.         [PDF]  The Mathematics Behind Cryptocurrencies 
and Blockchain
Elena Soledad Jiménez-Ayala, Juan Medina

7.         [PDF]  Proving Nonnegativity of Polynomial with Computer 
Haokun Li, Bican Xia, Lu Yang

8.         [PDF]  Augmented Reality and Blended Learning: 
Engaging Students Learn Word Problems
with Bar Model and the Geometer’s Sketchpad
Krongthong Khairiree

9.         [PDF]  Exploring Reflections that are Inspired by a Chinese 
Exam Problem
Wei-Chi YANG

10.     [PDF]  Innovative Strategies: Visualizations for Teaching 
and Learning Mathematics
Lila F. Roberts

11.     [PDF]  Towards Dynamic Mathematics with Cabri: 
Where do
We Stand? Where do We Go?
Jean-Marie Laborde