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Cultivating Creative and Innovative Mathematical Thinking With Technology


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ATCM 2019, Leshan, China

Contributed Papers

1.    [PDF]Scientific Calculators to Improve Students’
Critical Thinking Skills: An Evidence from
Mathematical Exploration in Mathematics Classroom

Ariyadi Wijaya, Heri Retnawati, Wahid Yunianto,
Pasttita Ayu Laksmi, Mutia Meilina, Pientha Glenys Amanti

2.    [PDF]Connecting with Data: Exploring Statistical Concepts using R
Leslie Chandrakantha

3.    [PDF]The Delivery Role and Assessment Role of
Computer-Based Technology in a Flipped
University Mathematics Course
Ng Wee Leng, Teo Kok Ming,
Wong Khoon Yoong, Kwan Kang Ling Michelle

4.    [PDF]What Does Research Say on The Use of Calculator
to Improve Indonesian Students’ Mathematics Achievement?
Pasttita Ayu Laksmiwati, Ariyadi WIjaya,
Heri Retnawati, Wahid Yunianto, Pientha Glenys Amanti

5.    [PDF]How to Enhance Students’ Participations in
Mathematics Learning Using Calculator?
Heri Retnawati, Ariyadi WIjaya. Wahid
Yunianto, Pasttita Ayu Laksmiwati, Mutia Meilina,
Pienthha Glenys Amanti

6.    [PDF]Making the Mathematics Enjoyable in Modern Science
Minoru Itoh

7.    [PDF]Teaching Binary Number Concepts
using Mathematic Magic Card Trick
Janchai Yingprayoon