ATCM 2009, Beijing, China

Regular papers

  1. Tower Chen
    Visualizing Statistical Concepts with the Aid of Technology
  2. Nor'ain Mohd. Tajudin, Rohani Ahmad Tarmizi, Wan Zah Wan Ali, et al.
    Graphing Calculator Strategy inTeaching and Learning of Mathematics
  3. Tyger Yegambaram, Ramu Naidoo
    Better learning of geometry with computer
  4. Zacharie M'Baitiga
    Why College or University Students Hate Proofs in Mathematics?
  5. Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad, Afza Shafie, Mohd Hezri Amir Abdul Latif
    Role Playing Game Based Learning in Mathematics
  6. Chieko Fukuda, Kyoko Kakihana
    Problem Posing and its Environment with technology
  7. Nunnapad Toadithep
    The Mathematics Conceptual Game
  8. Chang Suo Hui
    Learning mathematics through computer games
  9. Chang Wenwu, Chang Wencui
    Applying GC to Problem Solving: A Case Study of Transfering Handheld Game into Classroom
  10. Jack Carter, Beverly Ferrucci
    An Analysis of Students' Research on Model Lessons that Integrate GeoGebra into School Mathematics
  11. Josefina Barnachea Janier, Afza Bt. Shafie
    Blended Assessment: A Strategy for Classroom Management
  12. Wai Kwong Cheang
    The Use of R Language in the Teaching of Central Limit Theorem
  13. In Kyung Kim, Hee-Chan Lew
    The effect of CAS calculator usage on the Algebra Achievement of Low Mathematics achievement students
  14. Xici Wang
    Using MCL to discover more mathematics from real life
  15. Leong Chee Kin, Warabhorn Preechaporn, Teoh Boon Tat
    The Dimensionality Analysis of the Specialized Mathematics Open-Ended Questions using The Multidimensionality Model for DIF Framework
  16. Jean-Jacques Dahan
    Folding and Unfolding a Cone with Cabri 3D : a Process of Modelling Generating New Problems to Be Explored
  17. Hitoshi Nishizawa, Bernhard Zgraggen, Takayoshi Yoshioka
    A System for Helping Concept-Building of 3D Linear Algebra by Connecting Graphic, Symbolic, and Verbal Representations
  18. Ryoji Fukuda, Koji Nii
    Handwriting Tool For Note Takers In Mathematical Classes
  19. Greg Oates
    Undergraduate Mathematics Assessment in an Integrated Technology Environment
  20. Hailiza Kamarulhaili, Ega Gradini
    Comparison study for Primality testing using Mathematica
  21. Yi-Ching Lin, Yuan Yuan
    The elementary school teachers' belief of integrating calculator into Mathematic instruction
  22. Mette Andresen, Morten Misfeldt
    Teachers' dealing with technology-enhanced mathematics in teaching practice
  23. Nunnapad Toadithep
    The Three-Joint Lamp and Vectors
  24. Ruzlina P. Adni, Hanafizan Hussain
    Using Multimedia Learning System for Teaching Media Math
  25. Barry Kissane, Marian Kemp
    Teaching and Learning Trigonometry with Technology
  26. Thomas McMillan
    Analysis of Discrete Models Using an Electronic Spreadsheet--A Survey of Examples
  27. Rei-Wei Song, Ming-Gong Lee
    A New Block Method and Their Application to Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
  28. Wee Leng Ng, Wee Chuen Tan, Meow Leng Nancy Ng
    Teaching and Learning Calculus with the TI-Nspire: A Design Experiment
  29. Mauricio Herrera, Rubén Preiss, Gonzalo Riera, et al.
    Exploring and Visualizing Hilbert Geometry in a Triangle
  30. Krongthong Khairiree, Miss Piromya Kurusatian
    Enhancing Students' Understanding Statistics with TinkerPlots: Problem-Based Learning Approach
  31. Hee Chan Lew, Soo Youn Je
    Construction of Quadratic Curves Using Analysis
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