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ATCM 2022, December 9-12, Prague, hosted by Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU)


1.     Abstracts for Invited Papers

2.     Abstracts for Full Papers

3.     Abstracts for Presentations with Abstract Only

4.     Abstracts for Hands-on workshops

Link to the ATCM 2022 program with Zoom ID and Passcode (For registered participants)

    Contributed Papers

  1. [21941] Research on Sangaku and the use of ICT
    Hideyo MAKISHITA [PDF]

  2. [21942] Computations of statistical power in R
    Sharad Silwal [PDF]

  3. [21959] Combining Brute Force and IT to Solve Difficult Problems
    Jozef Hvorecký, Lilla Korenova, TomᚠBarot [PDF]

  4. [21961] Different types of test questions and test systems for student assessment in Applied mathematics for Informatics
    Helena Brozova, Jan Rydval, Milan Jelínek [PDF]

  5. [21965] Carral’s Geometric Proof of a Steiner Ellipse Property and an Attempt at Generalisation
    Jean-Jacques Dahan [PDF]

  6. [21967] Multiple-choice questions using STACK with partial score and feedback
    Kentaro Yoshitomi [PDF]

  7. [21970] Understanding the Problem Structure in Computational Thinking in Mathematics Classrooms
    Masanori Fukui, Yuji Sasaki [PDF]

  8. [21971] Engaging Learners through Data: Senso Eskwela Pilipinas
    Mark Anthony Tolentino, Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Penas, Maria Alva Q. Aberin, et al. [PDF]

  9. [21972] Develop Computational Thinking in Portuguese Mathematics Curricula with Collatz Conjecture
    José Manuel Dos Santos, Alexandre Emanuel Batista Trocado, Zsolt Lavicza [PDF]

  10. [21979] Limit calculation outside the domain of definition of real functions using computer algebra systems: an educational panoramic view
    Enrique Ferres-López, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Angélica Martínez-Zarzuelo [PDF]

  11. [21984] Scissors, Cardboard and GeoGebra: Technology as instrument, not only as artefact
    Mathias Tejera, Franco Mariani, Zsolt Lavicza [PDF]

  12. [21985] How to prepare a digital geometric model which is enclosed by an assembly of surfaces for 3D printing
    Petra Surynkova [PDF]