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A Discovery Journey to Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering Through Technology



ATCM 2020, Virtual Format, Radford University, Virginia, USA
and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Most presentations with videos are available here.

Invited Papers

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    2. Abstracts for Full Papers
    3. Abstracts for Hands-On Workshops
    4. Abstracts for Presentations with Abstract Only

  1. [21785] Multiple-choice questions in Mathematics: automatic generation, revisited
    Kosaku Nagasaka [PDF]

  2. [21786] GeoGebra Reasoning Tools for Humans and for Automaton
    Zoltan Kovacs, Tomas Recio [PDF]

  3. [21794] Safety zone in an entertainment park: envelopes and Maltese Cross related to an offset of an astroid
    Thierry Noah Dana-Picard [PDF]

  4. [21799] Recognizing the Polish Efforts in Breaking Enigma
    Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon [PDF]

  5. [21809] Browser Based Mathematical Investigation With GXWeb and WolframAlph
    Philip Todd [PDF]

  6. [21810] A Haskell Implementation of the Lyness-Moler's Numerical Differentiation Algorithm
    Weng Kin Ho, Chu Wei Lim [PDF]

  7. [21814] The Role of Technology to Build a Simple Proof: The Case of the Ellipses of Maximum Area Inscribed in a Triangle
    Jean-Jacques Dahan [PDF]

  8. [21820] The geometry of impossible figure
    Alasdair McAndrew, Jacob Baker [PDF]

  9. [21824] Computational thinking as habits of mind for mathematical modelling
    Keng Cheng Ang [PDF]

  10. [21827] Understanding Geometric Pattern and its Geometry (part 3) Using Technology to Imitate Medieval Craftsmen Designing Techniques
    Miroslaw Majewski [PDF]

  11. [21829] Exploring Locus Surfaces Involving Pseudo Antipodal Point
    Wei-Chi Yang [PDF]

  12. [21830] Designing Mobile Apps to Promote Numeracy and Statistical Reasoning
    Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Penas, Debbie Marie Verzosa, Jumela Sarmiento, et al. [PDF]

  13. [21832] 21832 What's in a name? Using a scientific calculator for mathematical exploration in schools
    Barry Kissane [PDF]

  14. [30001] Three Aspects of Maple&trade for Education
    William C. Bauldry [PDF]