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Technological Creativity and Innovation in Mathematics Ap

Innovative Technology in Mathematics: New Ways for Learning, Teaching, and Researching Mathematics



ATCM 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Invited Papers

1.    Jonaki B Ghosh [PDF]
Computational Thinking in the Mathematics Classroom

2.    Guillermo Dávila-Rascón [PDF]
Synchronization of Chaos with the CAS Maxima

3.    Haitham Solh [PDF]
Friend or Foe: The Dangers of Depending on Online Platforms for Conceptual Understanding

4.    Juan Medina , José A Vallejo [PDF]
Correcting errors: putting elementary topology to work

5.    Haslinda Ibrahim, Nazihah Ahmad, Sharmila Karim [PDF]
Creating a Symbiotic Relationship between Epistemology of Combinatorics and STEM Teaching Process

6.    Weng Kin Ho, Wendy Huang, Chee Kit Looi [PDF]
Can Secondary School Mathematics Students Be Taught To Think Computationally?

7.    Jean-Jacques Dahan [PDF]
An Expert Approach of the Different Ways to Use the New Cabri and the Richness of its Connections with the Online Freeware Cabri Express

8.    Wei-Chi YANG [PDF]
Strong Algebraic Manipulation Skills Are Not Adequate For Cultivating Creativity And Innovation

9.     Graham Supiri and Deane Arganbright [PDF]
Exploiting Excel’s Data Table Creatively in the Study of Mathematics