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  Teaching and Learning Mathematics, Science and Engineering through Technology  

ATCM 2016, Pattaya, Thailand

Regular papers

  1. Munindra MAZUMDAR [PDF]
    Use Technology in Secondary Mathematics Teaching: Preparing Teachers for the Future
  2. Yoichi MAEDA [PDF]
    Homothetic centers of three circles and their their-dimensional applications
  3. Yip Cheung CHAN [PDF]
    Two examples on discrepancy potentials of dynamic geometry software
  4. Carmelita RAGASA [PDF]
    The Courselab VLE: Its Effect on the Achievement and Student's Perception Toward Learning Algebra
  5. Ian Allan THOMSON [PDF]
    Introducing MATLAB into High School Mathematics
  6. Wee Leng NG and Foo Him HO [PDF]
    Using Dynamic Geometry Software to Enhance Student Understanding of the Concept of Speed
  7. Yosuke SATO, Ryoya FUKASAKU, and Katsusuke NABESHIMA [PDF]
    On Simple Representation of Locally Closed Sets
  8. Dexuan ZHANG, Yongbin LI, and Haocheng ZHOU [PDF]
    Finding the signature matrix of minimizing the Cayley transform by using computer algebra
  9. Vladimir SHELOMOVSKII [PDF]
  10. Kenji FUKAZAWA and Yasuyuki NAKAMURA [PDF]
    Enhancement of Plotting Environment of STACK with Gnuplot
  11. Kai Ceat LIM and Kwan Eu LEONG [PDF]
    A Study of gamification on GeoGebra for remedial pupils in primary mathematics
  12. Parethira SELORAJI [PDF]
    Impact of Using Tinkerplots on Statistical Reasoning
  13. Alastair McANDREW [PDF]
    Exploring generalization of a result about cubic polynomials
  14. Hazel TAN [PDF]
    Are Mathematics Students' Learning Styles Related to Their Preferred Method of Leaning How to use Advanced Calculators
  15. Vladimir SHELOMOVSKI I[PDF]
    Teaching methodology for smart students with less-developed abstract thinking skills
  16. Akira NAGAI and Yosuke SATO [PDF]
    Parallel and Distributed Boolean Gröbner Bases Computation in SageMath
  17. Betty Voon Wan NIU and Wong Ling SHING [PDF]
    Exploring Derivative Functions using HP Prime
  18. Jia Yi BOO and Kwan Eu LEONG [PDF]
    Teaching and Learning of Geometry in Primary School Using GeoGebra
  19. Kedar Nath DAS, Sumit BHATIA, Shubin PURI, and Kusum DEEP [PDF]
    Solving Sudoku Puzzle by Evolutionary Algorithm
  20. Chaweewan KAEWSAIHA, NItthawat LEELAWATTHANAPAN, Poonnima BUMRUNGPONG, Thanida RUNGTRAK, Thanatthapong WANGTHAPHUN, Yanisa THATHO, Chonlatip JANJUMPA, Polysai OHAMA [PDF]
    The Effect of Integrated Learning in Mathematics and Science on Student's Critical Thinking and Collaboration Skills