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  Teaching and Learning Mathematics, Science and Engineering through Technology  

ATCM 2016, Pattaya, Thailand

Invited Papers

  1. Jen-chung CHUAN [PDF]
    Rhombohedra Everywhere
  2. Rubí IPIÑA and José A VALLEJO [PDF]
    Mathematics, secrets and smartphones
  3. Celia HOYLES and Richard NOSS [PDF]
    Exploiting Digital for Learning Mathematics
  4. Weng Kin HO [PDF]
    Outbox Centroid Theorem: An Episode of Dynamic Geometry Exploration
  5. Jean-Jacques DAHAN [PDF]
    From One to Infinity: What DGS Has or Could Have Changed in our Teaching and Learning
  6. Bill BLYTH [PDF]
    Quadratic and Cubic Polynomials in Applied Problems: Finding Maximum - no Calculus, using CAS (Maple)
  7. Yuriko Yamamoto BALDIN [PDF]
    Challenges in Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Basic Education
  8. Matthias KAWSKI [PDF]
    Technology IBL, inverse questions, and control
  9. Greg OATES [PDF] Technology in Mathematics Education: A Stocktake & Crystal-Ball Gazing
  10. Wei-Chi YANG [PDF]
    Locus, Parametric Equations and Innovative Use of Technological Tools