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  Technological Creativity and Innovation in Mathematics Applications  

ATCM 2017, Chungli, Taiwan

Invited Papers

  1. Jean-Jacques DAHAN [PDF]
    Using the Riemann Sums to Evaluate Areas and Volumes within DGS and CAS environments (TI-Nspire and Cabri): Enriching Dialectic Between Math Knowledge and Technical Skills
  2. Vladimir NODELMAN [PDF]
    Counterexamples in Mathematics Education: Why, Where, and How? - Software aspect
  3. Wenwu CHANG [PDF]
    A New Model for Calculating Sphere Volume
  4. En-Bing LIN and Yu-Ru SYAU [PDF]
    Mathematical Analysis of Information Systems through Technology
  5. Weng Kin HO [PDF]
    Appreciating functional programming: A beginner's tutorial to HASKELL illustrated with applications in numerical methods
  6. Keng-Cheng ANG [PDF]
    Teaching Mathematical Modelling in a Technology-Enabled Environment
  7. Neil SIGMON and Rick KLIMA [PDF]
    The Turing Bombe and its Role in Breaking Enigma
  8. Jingzhong ZHANG and Zengxiang TONG [PDF]
    The Third Generation of Calculus (Calculus without Limit Theory) A video clip by Professor Zhang can be found here
  9. Hung-ping TSAO [PDF]
    General triangular arrays of numbers
  10. Padmanabhan SESHAIYER and Jennifer SUH [PDF]
    Enhancing Conceptual Understanding through Modeling |and Multiple Representations in Problem Solving
  11. Wei-Chi YANG [PDF]
    The Importance of Adopting Evolving Technological Tools to Expand Content Knowledge to 3D
  12. Ma. Louise ANTONETTE N. DE LAS PEŅAS and Eduard C. TAGANAP [PDF]
    Discovering New Tessellations Using Dynamic Geometry Software
  13. Alasdair MCANDREW [PDF]
    A litany of ladders: easy problems with hard solutions