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  Technological Creativity and Innovation in Mathematics Applications  

ATCM 2017, Chungli, Taiwan

Regular papers

  1. Wei LAI and Weng Kin HO [PDF]
    Graphing a Quadrilateral Using a Single Cartesian Equation
  2. Angela THOMPSON and Alexander RADOSAVLJEVIC [PDF]
    An Alternative Model of Online Mathematics Instruction to Promote Student Support
  3. Yosuke SATO and Ryoya FUKASAKU [PDF]
    On Possible Use of Quantifier Elimination Software in Upper Secondary Mathematics Education
    Understanding Sampling Distributions Using Simulation in R
  5. Haruka MISHIMA and Hiroshi KAI [PDF]
    Padé Approximant Using ISCZ Method
  6. Alasdair MCANDREW [PDF]
    Lindenmayer Systems, Fractals, and their Mathematics
  7. Kasiyah JUNUS, Harry Budi SANTOSO, Heru SUHARTANTO, Sri Hartati R-SURADIJONO, and Lia SADITA [PDF]
    Collaborative Summarizing Feature: Supporting Group Knowledge Construction in an Online Discussion Forum
  8. Ng Wee LENG and Teo Kok MIN [PDF]
    A Retrospective Study on the Effects of Flipping a Calculus Course
  9. Ryoji FUKUDA and Yuki TOYOSAKA [PDF]
    Vector Data Viewer for Distribution Glance
  10. Ryoji FUKUDA, Naoki TAMURA, and Yuki TOYOSAKA [PDF]
    Top-Down Expression Structure of Mathematical Document for Nonvisual Communication
  11. Diego LIEBAN and Zsolt LAVICZA [PDF]
    Geometric Modeling as Spatial Thinking Approach among Prospective Teachers
  12. Fumiya IWAMA [PDF]
    Constitution of the Proof using the Isabelle Theorem Prover
  13. Alasdair MCANDREW [PDF]
    A Framework for Evaluating Computer Algebra Systems for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  14. Andy YEH [PDF]
    Mathematics, Virtual Reality, and Programming
  15. Janchai YINGPRAYOON [PDF]
    Study of Tones Characteristics in Thai Language using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
    Thai License Plate Recognition Using Proportional and Filtering Method