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  Innovation and Technology for Mathematics Education  

ATCM 2014, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Regular papers

  1. Yoichi Maeda, Visualization of special orthogonal group SO(3) with dynamic geometry software
  2. Glenn R. Laigo, Abdul Hadi Bhatti, Lakshmi Kameswari P., Haftamu Menker GebreYohannes, Revisiting Geometric Construction using Geogebra
  3. Jean-Jacques Dahan, Examples and Techniques of Morphing within CAS and DGS Environments (Cabri and TI-Nspire) A Way of Enriching our Teaching at all Levels
  4. Chin Kok Fui, Sharifah Norul Akmar bt Syed Zamri, Effects of spreadsheet towards learners’ usage of mathematical language
  5. Al Jupri, Paul Drijvers, Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, The impact of a technology-rich intervention on grade 7 students’ skills in initial algebra
  6. Maria Isabel T. Lucas, Erlinda A. Cayao, Effects of using Casio FX991 ES PLUS on achievement and anxiety level in Mathematics
  7. Rebecca C. Tolentino1 and Janette C. Lagos, Integration of Products using Differentials
  8. Chee-Keong Chong, Marzita Puteh, Swee-Choo Goh, Use of Lecture Capture in the Teaching and Learning of Statistics
  9. Tsutomu ISHII, Consideration on the Effect of the Lesson in Problem Solving by Few Children
  10. Ryoji Fukuda, Masato Kojo, Non-visual Expression Method for Mathematical Documents in Elementary Geometry
  11. Ryoji Fukuda, Junki Iwagami, Takeshi Saitoh, Applicability of Gaze Points for Analyzing Priorities of Explanatory Elements in Mathematical Documents
  12. Barry Kissane & Marian Kemp, A model for the educational role of calculators
  13. Yang Jianyi, Liu Chengyang, A Practical Case for e-Mathematical Experiment with “Geometry Apps” from HP Prime
  14. Ren-shou Huang, Yuan-jing Xia, Zhen-xin Yang, Ling Yan, Applications of Information Technology to the "Five Points" Conjecture