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  Innovation and Technology for Mathematics Education  

ATCM 2014, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Invited Papers

  1. Bill Blyth, Teaching Experimental Mathematics: Digital Discovery using Maple
  2. Wei-Chi YANG, Technological tools have enhanced our teaching, learning and doing mathematics, what is next?
  3. Keng-Cheng Ang, Liang-Soon Tan, Professional Development for Teachers in Mathematical Modelling
  4. Antonio R. Quesada, A Capstone Course to Improve the Preparation of Mathematics Teachers on the Integration of Technology
  5. Colette Laborde, Interactivity and flexibility exemplified with Cabri
  6. Paulina Pannen, Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics
  7. Marsigit, Re-conceptualizing Good Practice of Mathematics Teaching Through Lesson Study in Indonesia
  8. Leong Chee Kin, Educating the Educators: Technology-Enhanced Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  9. Hongguang Fu, Xiuqin Zhong, Zhong Liu, Mathematics Intelligent Learning Environment
  10. Widodo, Muh.Tamimuddin H., Three Training Strategies for Improving Mathematics Teacher Competences in Indonesia 2015-2019 based on Teacher Competency Test (TCT) 2012-2014