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Invited Papers

  1. Wei-Chi Yang, Students Will Excel If They Are Inspired
  2. Miroslaw Majewski, Geometric Ornament in Art and Architecture of Western Cultures
  3. Jonathan Lewin, The Other Role of Technology: Communication Between People
  4. Jen-chung Chuan, Motivation behind the Construction of Maximal Twistable Tetrahedral Torus
  5. Pavel Pech, How Integration of DGS and CAS helps to solve problems in geometry
  6. Tilak dealwis, Integrating Certain Products without Using Integration by Parts
  7. Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Penas, Color Models as Tools in Teaching Mathematics
  8. Keng Cheng Ang, Mathematical Modeling as a Learning Experience in the Classroom
  9. Vladimir Shelomovskii, Why should We Use Visualization within Math Science and Math Education?
  10. Antonio R. Quesada, A Forgotten Important Tool in the New Math Curriculum: Recursion
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