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Regular Papers

  1. Jen-Chung Chuan, Miroslaw Majewski, From Ancient ‘Moving Geometry’ to Dynamic Geometry and Modern Technology
  2. Hideshi Yamane, Sequences of Integrals in Experimental Mathematics
  3. Helena Binterová, Eduard Fuchs, Marek Šulista, Monounary algebras and functional graphs in upper secondary school mathematics
  4. Reza Shahverdi, Determination Stability Ray of a Decision Making Unit in Definition of the Right and Left Returns to Scale
  5. Yoichi Maeda, Visualization of the Cross Ratio and its Geometric Application
  6. Han Hyuk Cho, Ji Yoon Lee, Chul Ho Kim, et al., The MCY-Activities: Constructing and Sharing Three Types of Pattern
  7. Barry Kissane, Marian Kemp, Calculators and the mathematics curriculum
  8. Takuya Kitamoto, Applications of CAS to analyze the step response of a system with parameters
  9. Han Hyuk Cho, Chul Ho Kim, Dong Jo Shin, et al., Exploring Pattern Generalization in the Logo-based Microworld
  10. Mita Darbari, Special Pythagorean Triangles and Pentagonal Numbers
  11. Wai Kwong Cheang, Bias of ML Estimator for Multivariate Regression Model with Vector AR(1) Noise
  12. Alasdair M., Teaching finite fields with open-source CAS
  13. Hitoshi Nishizawa, Takayoshi Yoshioka, Martti E. Pesonen, et al., Interactive Worksheets for Learning the Connection Between Graphic and Symbolic Object Representations
  14. Wee Leng Ng, Yee Dat Sun, The Effects of a Portable Computer Algebra System (CAS) on Pre-university Students’ Attitudes towards CAS
  15. Patrick Galleto, Craig Refugio, Students’ Skills in Mathematical Computation
  16. Theodosia Prodromou, Connecting Probability to Statistics Using Simulated Phenomena
  17. Pradip Dey, Gordon Romney, Mohammad Amin, et al., Visualization of a Mathematical Model of Computation
  18. Hsiu Ju Chang, Cognizable, Learnable, Expressible, Accessible, and Reasonable Model in Mathematical Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving
  19. Jean-Jacques Dahan, A Didactical Transposition of the Perspective Theorem of Guidobaldo Del Monte with Cabri 3D
  20. Ryoji Fukuda, Hiromi Yokoyama, Multiple Suggestions for Interactive SDE Estimation
  21. Ryoji Fukuda, Akihiro Miura, Improvements and Evaluations of Tactile Graphical Viewer for the Visually Impaired
  22. Vipul Shah, Rajesh Sanghvi, Blending of Traditional Approach and Internet Technology to Teach Engineering Mathematics
  23. Pongrapee Kaewsaiha, Creative Learning of Analytic Geometry through NC Programming with a Virtual Lab Application
  24. Chaweewan Kaewsaiha, Expanding Plane Geometry Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad
  25. Michael Sejfried, Vladimir V. Shelomovskii, Elementary proof of Sejfriedian properties
  26. Bill Blyth, e-Teaching and e-Assessment of Minimum-Maximum Problems using Maple
  27. Liu Chengyang, Some Analogous Forms for Locus – a convenient way for students to deepen their understandings on locus
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