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Invited Papers

  1. Weng Kin Ho, Exact Real Calculator for Everyone     
  2. Deane Arganbright, Exploring Metric Spaces Visually with Excel
  3. Wei-Chi Yang, Discovering More Mathematics and Applications by Integrating CAS with 3D DGS
  4. Inder K. Rana, ICT (I see it) in Math Education
  5. Hee-chan Lew, Seo-Young Jeong, Key factors for Successful Integration of Technology into the Classroom: Textbooks and Teachers
  6. Shailesh Shirali, Case Studies in Experimental Mathematics
  7. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Byong Kwon and Thomas Stephens, Technology Enhanced Problem Based Learning with Applications to Real-World Problems
  8. Jonaki B Ghosh, Developing Students’ Mathematical Thinking Through Technology
  9. Wenwu Chang, Exploring Space Filling Origami
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