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Regular Papers

  1. Uma Devi, Bathalapalli Uma Devi, Dinesh P A, et al., Diffusive Mass Transfer in an Eccentric Annular Flow
  2. Yoichi Maeda, Klein model of the three-dimensional sphere and dynamic construction of common perpendicular
  3. Enagandula Prasad, Ramakrishna Prasad, Mathematics Teaching, Learning and Assessment using Latest ICT tend Social Media
  4. Hiroshi Sekigawa, Kiyoshi Shirayanagi , Computing a Perturbation Bound for Preserving the Number of Common Zeros of a Polynomial System
  5. Yasuyuki Nakamura, Tetsuya Taniguchi, Takahiro Nakahara, Development of an Item Bank System for the Mathematics e-Learning System STACK
  6. Tadashi Takahashi, Takeshi Sakai, Computer Algebra Systems as Cognitive Tools
  7. Anil Hiwarekar, Transform Techniques for Cryptography
  8. Leslie Chandrakantha, Understanding Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing Using Excel Data Table Simulation
  9. Alasdair McAndrew, Exploring numerical methods with CAS calculators
  10. Jean-Jacques Dahan, The story of a research about the nets of platonic solids with Cabri 3D: Conjectures related to a special Net Factor - A window for new researches
  11. Santanu Manna, Santimoy Kundu, Shishir Gupta, Propagation of Love type wave in piezoelectric layer overlying non-homogeneous half-space
  12. Chee-Keong Chong, Marzita Puteh, Swee-Choo Goh, Integration of Spreadsheet into the Teaching and Learning of Financial Mathematics
  13. Kiyoshi Shirayanagi, Hiroshi Sekigawa, Interval-symbol method with correct zero rewriting: Reducing exact computations to obtain exact results
  14. Theodosia Prodromou, GeoGebra in Teaching and Learning Introductory Statistics
  15. Naganjaneyulu V. , Ramakrishna Prasad A., Mathematics Teaching, Learning and Assessment using Technology
  16. Ryoji Fukuda, Junki Iwagami, Takeshi Saitoh, Evaluating Importance of Information Elements in Graphical Content Using Gaze Points
  17. Ryoji Fukuda, Masato Kojo, Graphic Input System in Elementary Geometry for Non-visual Communication
  18. Kyoko Kakihana, Takumi Makinodan, Atsumi Kimura, Activities for Cultivating Creativity in Statistics course
  19. Barry Kissane, Marian Kemp, Conceptual development and the modern scientific calculator: Using a forgotten technology
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