ATCM 2001    Electronic Proceedings of the 6th
          Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

Electronic Proceedings

This Proceedings contains a record of all the presentations and tutorials at the conference. On behalf of the editorial board, the host institution (RMIT) and all the supporters of the ATCM 2001 conference, we thank Casio for their sponsor of this electronic proceedings.

Editor, Electronic Proceedings
March, 2002

Printed Proceedings

The Proceedings of ATCM'2001 is unique for the following reasons:
All contributed papers are refereed.
The Electronic Proceedings (EP), which include all refereed full papers and abstracts presented during the conference, are available at http://www.atcminc.com.
The on-line reviewing system which we used for the Proceedings has been refined over the years and we will continue to improve its operations.
It is a collection of innovative works and valuable experiences in teaching and research using technology.

We are very thankful to have unrelenting support of the IPC members and other external reviewers who have contributed to the high quality of the Proceedings. We received over 115 submissions, not including tutorial submissions. Of these abstract submissions, 66 are full papers with a rejection rate of 35%. This gives us a total of 43 contributed papers in the Proceedings.

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsor CASIO for making the Electronic Proceedings become possible for ATCM 2001.

Due to the page limitation, tutorials are not included in the Proceedings, but will appear in the EP. We hope these Proceedings will help researchers, teachers and educators to further the advancement in mathematics, mathematics education and research, and technology use.

Editorial Board
October 2001


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