ATCM 2001    Electronic Proceedings of the 6th
          Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
Invited Talks

Assessments Where Graphing Calculators Are Allowed: How Neutral Can It Be A Reflection

Han Young Lee (hanyoung@tp.edu.sg)
Albert F.S. Wong (fooksung@tp.edu.sg)
Temasek Polytechnic

Using Computer for Diagnosing Pupils' Difficulties in Addition and Subtraction

Ho-Kheong Fong (hkfong@nie.edu.sg)
Nanyang Technological University

The Center of Gravity of Classes of Cylindrical Solids via a Computer Algebra System

Tilak de Alwis (talwis@selu.edu)
Southeastern Louisiana University

The Role of Technology in Mathematics Education for Human Enterprise

Masami Isoda (msisoda@human.tsukuba.ac.jp)
University of Tsukuba


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