Solar Bicycle Energy Management System Using HP48G Calculator

Amir Hisham b. Hashim
Azree b. Idris
Halil b. Hussin
Ismail b. Said
Razali b. Jidin
College of Engineering
Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Kajang, Selangor


Energy of the solar bicycle is supplied by the battery which is connected to the solar panels. The energy management of the solar bicycle is very important in order to optimize the limited energy available from the battery. HP48G calculator is used to handle the energy management of the solar bicycle due to its portability and computer-like capabilities. This paper describes how the HP48G calculator is used to prepare the solar bicycle team from the University Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia (UNITEN) entering the Solar Bike Challenge 1999. This covers the experiments carried out in the lab, the trial test run on the solar bicycle and the supporting vehicle that accompanies the bicycle during the race. It covers details how various data are collected, analyzed and tabulated by the HP48G calculator. With its powerful matrix based computation, and fine graphics display, HP48G could handily analyze the data and display and printed out the results immediately. The interface used to link the calculator and the sensors which measure the voltage and current is Portable Lab Data Logger 100 (PLDL100). The database built from the readings collected during the experiments and trial runs, serve as a basis for the overall energy management of the solar bicycle.


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