Handwriting Interface for Computer Algebra Systems

H. Okamura
T. Kanahori
M. Suzuki
Graduate School of Mathematics
Kyushu University

R. Fukuda
Faculty of Engineering
Oita University

W. Cong, F. Tamari
Faculty of Education,
Fukuoka University of Education



This paper describes our experimental real time recognition system of handwritten mathematical expressions, linked to a computer algebra system Mathematica by Mathlink. This system is titled as “INFTY". The fundamental operations of INFTY are (1) input of mathematical expressions using handwriting input system, (2) editing of them by basic editing operation (cut, copy, paste and delete) and (3) calculations and plotting graphs using Mathematica. INFTY also supports the input and output by TeX format.


In the handwriting window, we adopt the automatic character rewriting method. This method largely improves the accuracy of the structure analysis of the written mathematical expressions.

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