Explore Geometry over the Internet Using JavaSKETCHPAD

Zhonghong JIANG
Subject Specializations
Florida International University
EB 344B, University Park
Miami, FL 33199


This paper introduces a course that I designed for university mathematics education majors to explore geometric concepts and problem solving via technological tools, and illustrates how I organize both in-class and after-class interactive dynamic geometry activities using JavaSketchpad.  The use of JavaSketchpad has been found to be effective.  It covers the limited exploration of the students through the course homepage.  The related web sites of JavaSketchpad encourage the students to acquire further knowledge. The dynamic environment provided by JavaSketchpad puts the students in a position to visually manipulate the geometric objects and hence experience mathematics by seeing it happen or making it happen.  This significantly extends the students’ visualization and spatial thinking abilities, and facilitates their conceptual understanding.

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