ATCM 1997   Electronic Proceedings of the 2nd
         Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
All abstracts and full papers appeared in EPATCM97 were reviewed by the IPC members and external referees.

Editors of EPATCM97

Wei-Chi Yang USA

Sung-Chi Chu USA & Gary Fitz-Gerald Australia

Members of EPATCM97 Editorial Board
Jen-Chung Chuan National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Gary Fitz-Gerald RMIT University, Australia
Zaven Karian Denison University, U.S.A.
Grant Keady University of Western Australia, Australia
Kiyoshi Shirayanagi NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan
Steve Swanson TCI Software Research, U.S.A.
Yang Ming Pok Ngee Ann Poly, Singapore
Bert Waits The Ohio State University, USA
Yahya Abu Hasan Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Lu Yang Chengdu Institute of Computer Applications, China
Lee, Peng Yee NIE, Singapore


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