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         Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

Message from the Minister of Education


I wish to congratulate the School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, for hosting this International Conference on Technology in Mathematical Research and Teaching. I am also delighted to take this opportunity to welcome all participants both from overseas and Malaysia to this Conference.

There is always a quest for improvement in teaching mathematics at various levels, ranging from the primary to the tertiary. Technology is one area that has great potential as technology knowledge seems to advance at greater pace than most people expected. Mathematics has the stigma of being a difficult and dry subject and it is hoped that proper utilisation of technology can remove it. Mathematics no longer need to be solely be a matter of paper and pencil or chalk and blackboard.

The use of IT in educational institutions is part of the initiatives towards emplacing the IT system in the midst of modern life. In line with this our Prime Minister has launched the Multimedia Super Corridor.

With the availability of the latest mathematics related technology and the proper utilisation of them, it is hoped that students will no longer view mathematics in the negative. It is therefore neccessary for a university such as USM to develop its infrastructure so as to keep in pace with the rapid development in mathematics related IT.

It is my hope that this Conference will serve as a catalyst to augur educational changes for the next millenium.

Minister of Education Malaysia

Message from the Vice Chancellor, USM


Allow me to express my thanks to the organisers for giving me the opportunity to write a few words and to extend my heartiest congratulations to the School of Mathematical Sciences for its efforts in organising this conference.

Mathematics is a subject that has a reputation of being very challenging and therefore intellectually unapproachable except to a few. On the other hand, the information technology age requires that the workforce be mathematically literate. If mathematics can be seen as crucial to the development of the intellect and the study of logic, rather than awkward formulae and theorems to be remembered and reproduced in examination halls, then education would fulfill part of its role and the country will be richer for it. At the same time, the workspace is also required to be technology literate, especially the technology that has relevance to computers and their varied uses.

I am happy to note that this conference, through papers presented, addresses these pertinent issues. It is hoped that as a result of this conference, more research will be done to promote the use of technology to enhance the understanding of mathematics in schools, institutions of higher learning and bring to the forefront its beauty, elegance and relevance in this modern age.

Finally I would like to congratulate all those who have worked so hard to make this conference a success.

Vice-Chancellor, USM

Message from The Centre Director


RECSAM as a regional centre in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, is indeed honoured to cosponsor the Second Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics. The teaching, and learning of mathematics scenario through the years have not changed dramatically until the introduction of computer technology in early nineties. Since then computer as a pedagogical tool has made teaching and learning outcomes more effective and efficient primarily in the developed world. Similarly in the research domain, the application of computer technology has also benefited researchers considerably.

RECSAM through its Mathematics Department has embarked on the initial application of computer technology in the teaching of the regular or customised mathematics training packages. The Research and Development Department has also attempted the basic application of computer technology in research. However for RECSAM such beginnings still have a long way to go as computer technology for instruction and research is a fast changing medium.

This conference will offer participants the best opportunity to keep abreast with the glabal state of the art and the state of the practice related to the conference theme. This intellectual discourse would hopefully lead to a paradigm shift and make a significant difference in the teaching and learning of mathematics and also in mathematical research.

Happy conferencing.


Message from The Chair of the Organising Committee


I would like to extend a very warm welcome to delegates who truly have come from the four corners of the world just to disseminate and discuss topics dear to our hearts -mathematics, technology and all that.

This conference would not happen without the support and help from many quarters. I would like to mention the Vice-Chancellor, Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences, our cohosts, Seameo-Recsam and Malaysian Mathematical Society, sponsors as listed elsewhere and government agencies.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the invited speakers, presenters of working papers, sessions chairpersons, workshops facilitators, participants, guests and not forgetting the exhibitors, for their presence and contributions during the conference. Without doubt, you are the main impulse that drives the conference to success.

Thanks also to the various members of the Organising Committee and the International Program Committee and clerical staffs at the School of Mathematical Sciences who have work very, very hard to make this conference happen.

Organising Committee

Message from the Chair of the International Program Committee


Firstly, I am very proud to present the organizing institutions of the 2nd ATCM, RECSAM and USM. Secondly, let's give applauses to all the hardwork contributed by members of the the International Program Committee and Organizing Committee. In addition, ATCM97 is very fortunate to have the following sponsors: CASIO, Texas Intrument, Waterloo Maple Inc. and Wolfram Research. With their support, we are able to invite many renowned speakers from all over the world.

Technology is changing rapidly and constantly, educators and researchers in mathematical sciences are searching for the best way of implementing technology in providing insights for possible solutions. That is why educators and researchers come from all over the world to ATCM to share their best results.

To make sure future ATCMs are regularly organized and to provide the directions for further coorporation among educators, reserachers, institutions, software and hardware companies, I have established the ATCM foundation . Your comments and support are greatly appreciated. We could expect more and more students, teachers and researchers to exchange information on mathematics through World Wide Web technology and to experiment with live mathematics.

Enjoy the 2nd ATCM, and beautiful Penang. See you all at ATCM98 in Japan.

Program Committee

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