ATCM 2000   Electronic Proceedings of the 5th
          Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
Plenary Speeches

Biological Brain, Mathematical Mind & Computational Computers (how the computer can support mathematical thinking and learning)
David Tall (David.Tall@warwick.ac.uk),
Mathematics Education Research Centre, University of Warwick,

Interactive Visualization in Advanced Courses
Matthias Kawski (kawski@asu.edu),
Department of Mathematics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ,

Numerical Polynomial Algebra: Concepts and Algorithms  
Hans J. Stetter (stetter@aurora.anum.tuwien.ac.at),
Tech. Univ. Vienna,

The Engineer's New PocketKnife: The Graphics Calculator  
Lynette M. Bloom (l.bloom@cowan.edu.au ) & Ute A. Mueller,
School of Engineering and Mathematics, Edith Cowan University, Perth,

Thongchai Chewpreecha, IPST,

Benton Leong, Radical Flow,


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