Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



            Abstract for 13530

Authors: Amy Leh, Lee Grafton

Affiliations: California State University San Bernardino, USA, PSUSD



Topics: Implementation of Technology from K-12 Level, Assessment of Implementation of Technology in Education, Mathematics Teaching, Learning and Assessment using Technology 

This paper reports on the implementation and evaluation of an Enhancing Education Through Technology Competitive Grant (EETT-C) project. During 2005-2007, the project served 60 sixth to eighth grade mathematics teachers and approximately 6,500 students in Palm Springs Unified School District, a medium-sized, high-poverty school district in Southern California in the United States. The research-based program was designed to facilitate the delivery of a student program that effectively integrated technology into the curriculum to improve student achievement. Classroom observation and interview results indicated that the program was effective.


The presentation will start with an overview of the instructional strategies used to deliver the student program and the corresponding faculty development strategies. Descriptions of technologies used in the program are embedded. The overview is followed by the program evaluation, with a focus on classroom observations and interviews.