Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



Abstract for 13426

Technology and Teaching Mathematics, an Indian perspective

Authors: Inder Kumar Rana

Affiliations: I. I. T. Bombay, India, ATCM, AMS


Topics: Implementation of Technology from K-12 Level, Assessment of Implementation of Technology in Education, Mathematics Teaching, Learning and Assessment using Technology


The talk will consist of:

(1) Indian Education System

Education system in India is "10 + 2 + 3" model. The Indian education system is very examination-oriented. As education is a state matter and there are in all there are 26 states. There is little scope for innovation and use of technology in regular teaching

(2) My perspective of teaching mathematics and role of technology.

In this part we will discuss a methodology of supplementing regular teaching to make the subject matter more lively and stimulating.

(3) My experiences of conducting math labs.

In this part we will discuss my personal experiences of conducting math lab sessions for middle school students (age 13-14) and for senior secondary students (age 16-17).

Part (2) and (3) of the talk will have multimedia presentations.

(4) Conclusions