Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



Abstract for 13115

            Managerial Issues of Teaching Mathematics

            Authors: Jozef Hvorecky

            Affiliations: Vysoka skola manazmentu Bratislava, University of




            Mathematics belongs among the least popular subjects. The reasons

            are quite known and well described for example in [1]. For that

            reason, we concentrate on methods which could improve its image

            among general audience. Instead of talking about internal problems

            of mathematics, our paper discusses the issue as a managerial

            problem. We use an analogy: What has to be done if Teaching

            Mathematics would be an enterprise with a similarly bad reputation?

            Based on the parallel, we propose long-term solutions and later

            exemplify them. As shown, the most of them requires substantial

            changes in mathematicians’ minds and in their approach to their

            teaching methodologies.