Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



      Abstract for 13025

            Spreadsheets in Mathematics: Accessibility, Creativity, and Fun

            Authors: Deane Arganbright

            Affiliations: currently retired



            A spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel, provides educators with a

            creative tool for the study and teaching of mathematics,

            mathematical modeling, and mathematical visualization. It enables

            students to gain mathematical insights into a diverse range of

            interesting and significant applications in an engaging setting

            while they simultaneously acquire practical skills in using the

            principal mathematical tool of the workplace. This paper illustrates

            novel ways to use this powerful and accessible tool and its

            outstanding graphic features creatively in teaching a surprising

            number of mathematically oriented topics. Illustrations come from

            such disciplines as the physical and social sciences, statistics,

            mathematics, computer sciences, and the arts. The paper describes

            how Excel’s graphics can create eye-catching animated graphic

            displays and inject more fun into the study of mathematics.