Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



Abstract for 13008

e-Activities at Work

Authors: Poh Tze Thiam Paul

Affiliations: Casio Singapore, Mathlodge, The Little Sheep Pte Ltd



This workshop aims to share with the participants how to create an

e-Activity on the graphing calculator Casio fx-9860G/SD/Slim. All

the mathematical functions available in the fx-9860 G/SD/Slim

graphing calculator can be integrated easily into the e-Activities,

hence make the e-Activity a versatile and useful tool for learning.

In particular, graphing calculators are generally accepted in

secondary school and junior college mathematics classrooms and with

the built−in e-Activity, they also provide a cheaper and portable

alternatives to computers. Participants will have hands-on

experiences in creating an e-Activity during the workshop and no

prior knowledge of the graphing calculator is required. More

explorations on the use of e-Activities for teaching and learning

will also be demonstrated.