††††††††††† Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



Abstract for 12974

††††††††††† Using Calculator to Find Your Own Algebraic DNA

††††††††††† Authors: Brenda Lee

††††††††††† Affiliations: Wu Feng Institute of Technology

††††††††††† Keywords: K-12 Level, Algebra, Individualized activity


††††††††††† An instructional module has been created to help students learn

††††††††††† different topics in mathematics. This module is based on each

††††††††††† personís name to arouse interest in learning mathematics. It

††††††††††† involves mathematical concepts such as number sense, algebraic

††††††††††† thinking, geometry, and statistical reasoning, as well as other

††††††††††† subjects such as art and logo design. It helps to solve typical

††††††††††† problems of high-school and college science, mathematics, statistics

††††††††††† and other courses. With its abundant contents we can provide our

††††††††††† students the basic mathematical knowledge needed for further study

††††††††††† in their own fields. In this workshop, using this module with the

††††††††††† help of calculator, solving complex algebraic expressions can be

††††††††††† quickly done with CAS. We will show how our students find their own

††††††††††† individualized algebraic DNA and to appreciate that making

††††††††††† mathematics is simple, attractive, realistic and personalized. The

††††††††††† participants will be expected to play with their calculators and

††††††††††† find their own individualized algebraic expressions.