Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



            Abstract for 12969

            Transforming a Mathematical Data into a Visual Form Through the Use

            of Graphic Calculators

            Authors: Fatih YILDIZ, Nuray GOKDAL

            Affiliations: Mersa Technological Producs Co., Math Teacher in

            Ministry of Education in Turkiye

            Keywords: Novice, Intermediate, Undergraduate Level, K-12 Level,

            ClassPad 300, Casio, Comprehensive teaching, Graphics calculators,

            new methods of teaching, new curriculum, easy learning, visual and

            easy mathematics


            Mathematics is a subject that relies on a solid foundation from

            which to build on. The learning process is more effective when

            enhanced by visual representation to assist cognitive learning.


            Graphics calculators have become an essential tool to transfer,

            store and manipulate mathematical data in both scientific and

            business fields.


            The presentation will cover the graphics calculators use in mathematical

            subjects from kindergarten to university level.


            We will begin by covering its use in teaching Trigonometry in year 8

            and continue with Polar coordinates covered in year 11 and finish

            with spherical coordinates used at a university level.