Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



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Probability and Statistics using the TI-84

Authors: Connie Schrock

Affiliations: Emporia State University, National Council of


Students need to be able to experiment with real data in order to

learn the power of statistics as well as experience multiple ways to

apply probability. The TI-84 is an effective tool to help students

and teachers in the classroom. This workshop will engage

participants in a hands-on use of the Probability Apps and the

statistical applications that are preloaded on all TI-84

calculators. Participants will be able to participate in motivating

activities appropriate for investigating and assessing data

concepts. Many times teachers bypass real data or creating their own

data in order to faster access material. Using technology allows

teachers and students to quickly interpret and apply mathematics to

make decisions. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the

applications while becoming proficient with these applications.

Calculators will be supplied.