††††††††††† Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



Abstract for 12940

†††††††††† Transformations via Cabri Jr and Transformation Graphing Applications

††††††††††† Authors: Judy O'Neal

††††††††††† Affiliations: North Georgia College & State University

††††††††††† Keywords: Novice, Intermediate, Undergraduate Level, K-12 Level,

††††††††††† Pre-service and in-service teachers


††††††††††† When computer lab space is limited or unavailable, an alternative to

††††††††††† Cabri or The Geometerís Sketchpad is needed to help pre-service and

††††††††††† in-service teachers develop conceptual understanding of basic

††††††††††† geometric concepts. Cabri Jr and Transformation Graphing Apps

††††††††††† provide dynamic learning environments on the TI-84 Plus that

††††††††††† students can hold in their hands wherever they are located while

††††††††††† simultaneously facilitating increased guided discovery

††††††††††† opportunities. This workshop will engage participants in a hands-on

††††††††††† introduction to the capabilities of Cabri Jr and Transformation

††††††††††† Graphing Apps and will incorporate engaging activities appropriate

††††††††††† for investigating and assessing varied geometric concepts.

††††††††††† Opportunities for participants to gain basic proficiency with the

†††††††† †††applications and to discuss their reactions will be provided.

††††††††††† Calculators will be supplied for participant use.