Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics


Abstract for 12917

A LaTeX plotting software KETpic and its development

Authors: Masayoshi SEKIGUCHI, Yuuki Tadokoro, Takayuki Abe, Kenji Fukazawa, Masataka Kaneko, Satoshi Yamashita, Setsuo Takato

Affiliations: Kisarazu National College of Technology, The Toho University

Keywords: Undergraduate Level, Graduate Level, LaTeX, CAS, Tpic, KETpic


Topics: Mathematics Education using Information & Communication Technology, Applications using Maple, Applications using Mathematica 


We have developed a LaTeX plotting software and call it KETpic.

It is a macro package for Maple and Mathematica, which are famous computer algebra systems (CASs). KETpic enables us to draw fine pictures in LaTeX documents. It is useful particularly for typesetting mathematical documents. In this paper, we explain properties, advantages and perspectives of KETpic with its examples.